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Lazzarelle Cooperativa Sociale a r.l.

The Cooperative Lazzarelle is a social enterprise that, using the approach of diversity management engages as members and workers women in prisons for entrepreneurial activities. Now it is involved in coffee production within the female prison of Pozzuoli (NA - IT).  It was born in 2010, by the belief that prisons should not be a dark and forgotten place. We trust that that it is always possible, even under the most difficult, that women are the protagonists of their change.

The Cooperative Lazzarelle promotes the creation of new entrepreneurship and self-employed women, to respond to two different types of problems.

First, groped to solve the serious problem of unemployment and underemployment women through the promotion of new micro-entrepreneurship and self-employment; secondly, encouraging the emergence of social enterprises able to offer and deliver innovative services in the territory.

The perspective and orientation of the cooperative idea is mainly to have a greater focus on the reality of imprisonment, in the direction of social change, intended as an accompaniment to (re)entering the labour market, promoting new forms, such as business creation and self-employment, attempting to prevent or halt the processes and conditions that generate forms of poverty.

Contact person: Imma Carpiniello [caffelazzarelle at]

Via Sant’Eframo Vecchio, 54/56/58 - 80137 Napoli

Uşak Köylerini Kalkindirma Derneği

Usak Villlages Development Association has been active in city of Uşak since 2007. We have 45 registered and 50 volunteer member from different villages of Uşak. Our aim is to develop villages of Uşak  as socialy, culturally and economically. As association we organize in the local educational and supportive activities. We organize seminars, panels and discussion meetings to share our and different people's views for the local development.

As association members we visit the villages every week and come together with disadvantaged people, women in the rural, disabled people, people who are exclude by public because their problems like alcohol or drug addiction, were released from prison etc. One of our aims is to improve this situation in the city and disadvantaged rural areas. We organized local activities to integrate them into social life. 

In our local activities we work connected with local governmental organizations, they support us in our projects and social and cultural activities. As a non-governmental organization we are active and public also support us and participate in our organizations.

With this partnership project we will organize courses and workshop activities to integrate disadvantaged and offenders into social life. 

Contact person: Ali Osman Çakın [ukkader.proje at]

Özdemir Mah. Bakırcılar Arası Sokak N° 46/1 - 64100 Uşak

R.D. Profil Consult S.R.L.

R.D.Profil Consult S.R.L. is a Romanian company specialised in human resources, counselling and psychotherapy. RD Profil Consult is engaged as supporting organisation in the LLP project SU-TRA, addressed to professionals working with people with mental/cognitive difficulties and aimed at overcome the burn out syndrome.

R.D.Profil Consult S.R.L. is also doing training courses with the foundation “Casa Clementina”, the courses beeing organised for young people that grew up in foster homes with the risk of social exclusion. The theme of these training courses is “Education for health and social reintegration”. 

R.D.Profil Consult S.R.L. in collaboration with Bethany foundation is making a study for identifying the need for instruction of the people who live exclusively out of agriculture.

During the last year R.D.Profil Consult S.R.L. is improving activities aimed at (re)entering in labour market of people in prison in cooperation with organisations of its network,  that will be supporting partner of V.I.P.

Contact person: Liliana Cismariu [liliana.cismariu at]

Zona Steaua, bl.11, sc.F, ap 27 - 300446 Timisoara

Greta du Velay

The Greta du Velay is a regional group of 21 public educational institutions under the wing of the Ministry of education. With 45 trainers, it provides courses for adults in several areas (audiovisual, languages, key competences, etc.). Certified ISO 9001, it exists since 1975. Half of the activity consists in supporting disadvantaged groups towards social and professional inclusion (migrants, unemployed, disabled persons, women returners, rural inhabitants). The other half consists in supporting SMEs in their learning processes. Its transversal expertise includes training needs analysis, course design, trainers training, development of learning services based on ICT. Since 1992 it is running a specific training course for the labour integration of people in prison. It also integrates prisoners with electronic bracelets in vocational training courses. It is a member of the 258 Greta network in France. It employs 4 training advisers and 40 trainers.

Contact person: Pierre Carrolaggi [pl.carrolaggi at]

2 rue du docteur Durand -CS 10120 - 43009 Le Puy-en-Velay Cedex

Trummer & Novak-Zezula OG ; Center for Health and Migration

Since its foundation in 1996, the Trummer & Novak-Zezula OG / Center for Health and Migration C-HM performe practice-oriented researches in the field of health and immigration. It follows a transdisciplinary approach where experts from different scientific disciplines work together with practice experts. It builds on a resource-oriented approach, focusing on health promotion, integration of stakeholders, empowerment of actors on individual and community level, and capacity building. Since 2001, the interplay of migration, health and work is main focus of the C-HM. Since one year C-HM is implementing activities finalized at (re)entering of people in prison (in particular immigrant people) in the labour market, through a close cooperation with other organizations of C-HM networks, that will be supporting partners in the V.I.P. project development.

Contact person: Sonja Novak-Zezula [office at]

Engerthstr. 137/9/20 - 1020 Vienna

ROC Noorderpoort

Noorderpoort is the largest regional training centre (ROC in Dutch) in the North of The Netherlands and is situated in the town and province of Groningen. It combines about 35 buildings across the region. The Noorderpoort is organised in 23 different schools and covers both general and vocational education. Noorderpoort trains about full time 17.000 pupils and 3.800 part time students every year, and has around 1600 staff members. It offers:

  • regular initial foundational and senior secondary vocational education (in Dutch VMBO and MBO)
  • education for groups with special needs; 
  • education within the youth prison "Het Poortje"
  • contract learning (further education, re-training at senior secondary level)
  • pre-vocational secondary education (in Dutch: VMBO), also in alliance with the MBO education
  • education and integration for (newly arrived) immigrants
  • secondary general education (higher general education (Dutch: HAVO)) and pre-university education (in Dutch: VWO) for youngsters and adults).

Noorderpoort Ondernemers Academie; NP Entrepreneurial Academy is also part of our school, here students  at the end of their education are offered a training in entrepreneurship for a year in direct and strong cooperation with the workfield and representatives of companies. This leads to young people starting their own business at the end of shortly after their sec. voc. education.

Contact person: Minke kloppenburg [ma.kloppenburg at]

Verzetsstrijderslaan 4 - 9727 CE Groningen
The Netherlands

Stowarzyszenie Koinonia Jan Chrzciciel Oaza Wrocław

Association Koinonia Giovanni Battista takes care for poor people. It gathers them in little groups where they can help each other. Koinonia also works in the prison and provides support to youth groups, families and individuals. It is psychological, social,spiritual, financial and legal help. Similar activities are carried in prisons for the convicted. The organisation is also engaged in many other activities such as workshops, weekend courses,  trainings, social outreaches, meetings, congresses etc

Contact person: Marek Maj [marek.maj at]

ul. Św. Antoniego 35/25 - 50-073 Wrocław

Confederacion Nacional de Autonomos y Microempresas

It is a national organization of micro and small entrepreneurs with implementation throughout the national territory Spanish. It's an organization that includes all sectors of activity and is integrated in the most representative national employers.

Its function is the representing all companies integrated in this organization. In addition develops all activities that may be of interest to their members, such as the formation in which have had a great experience over the years of the organization. 

This Confederation has worked for 15 years in the delivery of training of adult people mainly in the field of business creation and animation and awareness of adults so they will understand that entrepreneurship is one solution to your professional problem.

Also collaborated with the Ministry of labour, the community of Madrid and the Municipality of Madrid, in the training of people from disadvantaged groups in the labour market for insertion into the same through the creation of companies.

Contact person: Beatriz Alonso bea.cep at]

Calle Alcalá 94 - 28009 Madrid