National reports about prisons

Analysis of practices

The ViP project plans an analysis of practices aimed at (re)entering in the labour market of prisoners and carried out by each partner in their local environment. The method, tools and reporting templates are based on an analysis of strong and weak points, opportunities and threats (SWOT). This phase is crucial as it will orient the actions of the partnership in the 2-year project. The method integrate the following steps:

  • description of the practice ;
  • teamwork to determine its strong and weak points, opportunities and threats ;
  • identification of the consequences with the actions to undertake and the priority given to each action ;
  • assessment of strenghts and weaknesses against opportunities and threats ;
  • conclusion about what could be transfered ;
  • selection of 3 points to improve during the project.

Download the format of the ViP SWOT.

Download the consolidated report "Analysis of practices oriented towards vocational integration of prisoners"

Download the result of the analysis process performed by each partner (pdf files).


Analysis of methodology and tools

A method in three steps has been elaborated to analysis the methods and tools used by the organisations active with (ex)prisoners. It is composed of a questionnaire to describe the method and to evaluate the position of the trainer/social worker regarding this method. It includes questions about the integration of the trainer/social worker within her/his own organisation. A specific part is dedicated to the detection of stressing situations that may arise from the prisoners, the fellow workers, the employer or the penitentiary administration. It is proposed then to organise a discussion between social workers/trainers on obstacles, improvement of effectiveness and satisfaction, but also how to improve the relations between all stakeholders.

Doawload the results of the analysis conducted by the VIP partners (pdf files)

VIP Training paths (Description/Report)

Analysis of innovation introduced