Young prisoners and neighbors build and paint a boat

Together with the neighbors of the district “Reitdiephaven” in Groningen, the young people of Wilster have again another special project they are working on. Along with neighbors, they paint a real boat. And soon the young people go to work with a kit of a boat that they will assemble along with the neighbors.

Cooperation neighbors and Wilster, part of “het Poortje”

Neighbors of the “Reitdiephaven” have written to the incentive fund of Rabobank and asked them if they will realize this project.
Each random association could submit a request. Through a public ballot there could be voted on various projects including 'rowing boat'.

In their request the neighbors wrote that they want to cooperate with "het Poortje". And that aspect has helped that € 5000, - has been made available for this project.

A tour through the canals with the new boat
Once the boats are built and painted Wilster will join in August a tour from Reitdiep through the canals of Groningen with music and more fun.

Minke Kloppenburg